Three Things to Consider When Building a Custom Dock

There are different reasons why people create docks, and that causes most docks to be different. Although the process of developing a traditional dock is the same, you can create your custom dock. A custom dock and the traditional dock have the same decking, joists, and even weight distribution; but there are also important differentiating factors. Since placement variations need to be accounted for in a dock and that portion will be under water, it is essential to come up with a custom dock. If you contact a team of dock builders sarasota fl, you can be advised on how to build a dock that will function for many years. You will also have to consider the use of the dock as you construct it. As you build your dock, there are a couple of things you need to consider:

The Custom Height of the Dock

Although a significant part of the custom dock will be in the water, you need to have a considerable portion above the water line to avoid compromising it during harsh weather conditions. On the other hand, you don’t want to have a high dock that will make it hard for you to get off your boat. A high dock will also make it harder for you to dive or fish. When you are considering the height of the dock, an architect can help you analyze the measurements. Be specific about the measurements you need as you consider how the weather can affect the use of the dock.

Options for Footer

Although it can be easy to sink the posts to the bottom part of the lake or the ocean, it is not the ideal alternative. When you are building a custom dock, consider using PVC pipes that are filled with concrete to surround the post. This will make your dock to become more stable. A 12-inch or 18-inch PVC pipe can be used for the footers. A PVC pipe is what can extend above the water to keep the exposed wood from the water. This will keep your dock safe, free from damage for a long time.

Framing the Dock

Once you have the footer and the posts in place, it is time to build your custom dock. Start by creating a frame to check on your original measurements and shape and now add the decking material. After that, you can support the deck using the support posts. Put the posts at this stage so that the frame can provide additional support. The frame will also provide accurate measurements than the ones taken from the outer posts you had installed.

In summary, having a dock is amazing. It is the path to starting your adventure in the open waters. If you are a speed-boater, a fisherman, or you enjoy riding with your canoes in the lake, you need a dock to keep your vessel of adventure. However, to have a dock that will serve you for years and that will add some aesthetic to your water body, consider the points above when designing your custom dock.

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