How To Choose The Right Mat Size And Material

A welcoming doormat is a welcome greeter. These rag rugs, which are often rectangular or circular in shape, represent your home and give you a glimpse of its interior. Doormats also serve as your first-line defense against dirt, grit, and other abrasive substances that may have gotten on your shoes’ soles. Doormats can be used for both practical and functional purposes. A doormat that is suitable for your home can instantly improve the curb appeal and organize the entrance.

This guide will help you select the right doormat for you.

How to Select the Perfect Size Mats?

A doormat will instantly brighten up your patio or front porch. This warm, stylish and welcoming element will also help keep your home clean and dust-free. To choose the right doormat for your home, many factors should be considered. Here are some examples:

Selecting the Ideal Size

Measure the width of your doors. Indoor and outdoor mats should not exceed 80% of the width of your front door. Your mat should not exceed 29 inches in width. This is because the standard width of a front door is 3 feet.

Selecting Materials and Care

You should consider more than just the size of the doormat. Also, think about the material that was used to make it. Many materials can be used to make doormats. Each material has its benefits. These materials are also unique and need extra care.

How to Choose the Right Size Entryway Mat?

Select Mat Width

You need to make sure the mat covers at least 80% of the width of your front door. Standard doors measure three feet in width, so your mat should be 28.8 inches wide. Double doors usually measure six feet in width, so your doormat should measure at least 9.6 inches. Measure the width of your front doors to determine the size of your entryway mat.

Entryway Rug Length

To prevent dirt, debris, and moisture from getting into your home, the size and length of your entrance mat should be sufficient to cover both your feet. You should choose large mats that are long enough to cover your feet if you want an entry mat for business.

Check Your Door Clearance

You must measure the space under your door, in addition to the dimensions. However, a threshold can create problems if there is not enough space between your floor and the bottom of your door. To ensure your entry mat meets with your front mat, it is important to measure the space under the door before you purchase an entry mat.

The Top 3 Things to Look for in an Outdoor Doormat

Must Drink Water

Choose an outdoor mat that is water-resistant. Your outdoor doormat must be able to withstand rain, and humidity, and dry quickly. You might need to replace them regularly if they are not durable enough.


To protect your doormat from the sun, it should be UV-treated.

Resists Mildew and Mould

Doormats made of resistant material can last for longer.

Are You Ready to Find the Perfect Doormat?

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