Planning Events is a Personalized Process

If you are the person who is always put in charge of organizing events, you know that it can be a very frustrating or a very rewarding experience. The process and the outcome always depend on the effectiveness of the planning. All the details from location to activities to the guest list must be carefully considered. But the single biggest variable is the entertainment.

There are a variety of ways to entertain your guests. The activities you choose depend on the type of event that you plan. Any gathering can be classified as an event and one way to categorize them is the following:

Corporate Events – These gatherings can be small or large business meetings, conferences, conventions or networking sessions. They can be held according to a regular schedule or be one-time events.

Family Events – These are the parties that are planned to celebrate milestones for those in our families. They include birthdays, anniversaries, reunions, bar and bat mitzvahs, engagements, graduations, and baby and bridal showers.

Social Events – This is the catch-all category since it includes any of the other reasons to have a party. Examples are holiday parties, fundraising opportunities, sports outings, cocktail parties and special dinners.

If you are planning a business event, your goal is to meet the expectations of those attending. Your corporate event must have the right keynote speakers, the perfect agenda, and a wide variety of activities during non-work times. If the event is a party or celebration, the entertainment rises to the forefront and the goal is to appeal to everyone’s tastes. At the end of the event, you want your guests to comment on how much they enjoyed the experience.

You always want your event to be perfect and this is especially true when you are planning your wedding. The marriage ceremony and the reception that follows reflect a couple’s personality so it is important that every detail is considered carefully. Weddings should not only be memorable for the couple but for all the guests as well. Entertainment for weddings makes the difference and the experts agree that you should combine features like lighting, scenery, and entertainment to create a specific ambience. Soft lighting, a waterfall and a soloist communicate a very different theme than a disco ball and a party band but each can be equally entertaining.

Music makes your wedding reception a party but there are additional features you can add to entertain your guests. You can have a photo booth so your guests can have a personal memento or a dessert bar with a variety of treats. If your venue has the space, you can give your guests some private time in smaller lounges with a quiet atmosphere and comfortable seating. You can also help your guests feel more included with special dances and personalized wedding favors. Your wedding should be planned to celebrate YOU but the perfect event makes everyone feel like they have played an important role in the celebration.


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