Different Factors to Site Visits

As an online marketer, you have to figure out how you are going to bring in the traffic to your site. You also have to look at the visits to your site and all of the factors that influence the traffic. Even if you are marketing your site to a wide variety of audiences, you are only going to get as much visits as the condition of your site is in. Also, search engines look at the site in order to see where to rank them. They judge the website based on plenty of factors. Therefore, you have to focus on bringing forth the best overall experience for the customer.

One of the factors that search engines judge by is the content. As a matter of fact, content is the most important factor to the ranking of a website. When it comes to content, it is not just the text and information that is provided on the site. Other things that are considered is the images and videos that are on the site. The reason for these being used as factors is that people need to have a good experience with the site before they want to visit the site again.

Another factor that needs to be addressed is the loading time of the site. If the site is too slow or needs too many refreshes, then visitors might consider this site not worth visiting. This would result in low traffic. In this world of speed, people are looking for sites that are going to load at a high speed. If the site is not going to load quickly, then they are going to get the information they need somewhere else. Fortunately, you can speed test your site. One of the pages that give your site a speed test is Network Jitter Test – Ping Speed Test – HTML 5 / No Flash | MegaPath. They will test your site at a quick rate.

With speed, one of the main factors is the internet service provider. Another factor is the service you are using. If your website is connected to the internet service then the speed of your site is going to be the speed of your internet service. Therefore, you want to spend a lot of money in making sure that you have a quick loading site. A quick loading site is going to have a greater chance at making money compared to a site that takes minutes to load.

If you are in a situation where you need to improve your speed, then you can do this by adjusting the design. One thing that needs a lot of thought is the device that the majority of people use to access your site. If a large number of people access your site with devices that are somewhat slower, then you might want to lower the amount of data that your site uses. For instance, you might want to come up with a cheaper version of the design without all of the animations so that more people can access it. You can have the slower people access a simpler version of the site with the more advanced users visiting the more elaborate site.

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