Public Stores Protected by Security

Retail stores have existed for many centuries. The idea of someone selling to someone else or a group of people dates back to 10,000 years ago. When civilization began expanding, the old barter system faded out. The expansion brought along small retailers. Primitive retailers only sold what they had made through the week. Civilizations continued expanding thus bring forth “supply and demand”. Supply and demand are when customers demand specifics products to be sold on the market. The supplier listens to the customers, supplying the market enough of the given item. Enough being where the product won’t oversaturate the market. Around the 17th century, Dutch sailors brought over Tulips; however, it began to oversaturate the market. It was known as “Tulip Mania”, a prime example of one item overflowing the market.

As civilizations advanced with technology, so did to the retailers. Retailers were now able to produce more for “supply and demand”. With demand going up so to the prices. Goods were becoming something of value. With modern times, retail stores started to become more common. Consequently, it led to thieves and shoplifters. Thieve led precious store items to be lost from the market.

There are many loss prevention systems out there that can be searched for such as, and many more other loss prevention tools and systems. It’s what helps keep the businesses open. Security guards and systems are the greatest and only true defense against thieves.

Fear of losing their items, the retail owner sought out help. With the fear came the security guards and systems. Flashing back 10,000 years ago, the only type of security guard was the paid soldiers and yourself. In modern times owners and guards are separated. What separates them is the tech and hiring process. Security guards are the citizen who helps protect retail stores from being robbed. If a thief is caught by the security guard, the guard would call hire crime official to handle the culprit. Generally, when an employee catches a thief, they would alert the store’s security guards.

What would happen if an employee and security guard doesn’t a shoplifter? The security system will alert the store of the thief. With the alert sound out, the right officials will go to the location of the potential robbery. Security system tech started to advance over time, thus deterring any would be shoplifters.

Type of security systems all retail stores can purchase are security sensors tags for clothes, locked and sensor tags for bags and jewelry, magnetized latches for different kinds of products. Display phones would have a magnetized latch on it with an elastic string attached to the phone and the case. The phone would only go so far, trying to cut would alert the retail store officials. Key cards that are the only key that can get through locked drawers and cabinets. Padlocks on display cases that need the code, only way for shoplifters to know to be an employee. A security system has so many different kinds of protection for retail stores.

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