Tree pruning and Safety Tips

By simple and basic knowledge of tree pruning and tree trimming, you can handle most of the work yourself. You need to trim and prune your trees to keep them in excellent shape and health. Forest trees tend to receive tree pruning naturally. However, landscape trees need a high level of supervision and care to have their structure and aesthetics maintained.

Why should you Prune or Trim a Tree?

Usually, people trim their trees generally for any one of the three reasons, i.e., safety, aesthetics, or health.

  • Safety –When the limbs and branches are broken or dead, they tend to fall off any moment, and that is a grave safety hazard. If an over-branch causes difficulty for your vision while you drive, it should be pruned away. Many tree branches and limbs grow very close to the electricity cables or utility line. Get the utility company in touch and let them handle the further conditions.
  • Aesthetics – Trimming a tree without a doubt helps in maintaining its appearance and shape quite effectively. Nonetheless, it is necessary to cut down only the unwanted branches and not impose an unusual size or shape on a tree. The amount of pruning and trimming that is needed could damage the tree real bad.
  • Health – It is quite possible to preserve a tree that is infected by trimming away the affected limbs and branches strategically. Cutting the crown thin can highly improve the wholly beneficial airflow. If the limbs are rubbing or crossing together, should be pruned or removed to keep them from falling unexpectedly.

Tree Trimming General Tips

Getting services for the tree trimming fort worth doesn’t generally cost high. If you are choosing a new company to have the services you need to make sure it has a good experience or your tree might not grow healthy. You can take care of the pruning yourself by following some general tips:

  • The dormant season is always recommended best for your tree to be pruned or trimmed. Although a pine tree can be trimmed away at any time.
  • Only trim the branches that are weak, narrow angled or of a V-shape. Retain the branches that have a U-shape because those are the strong branches.
  • The living crown to the height of the tree should have a ratio of two-thirds after the trimming is completed.
  • Try and trim away the limbs when they are new or young. Easier to handle at that point and also prevents the possibility of leaving scars.

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