Finding a perfect residence in Malta

If there is a heaven on earth, that definitely is Malta. Located on the Caribbean, Malta is the most beautiful country. Surrounded by oceans and hills, Malta is nothing, but divine. Who wouldn’t want to live or work in such a beautiful country? But there are many conditions to find a residence in Malta. You need to go through steps of the application process to get qualifies. In this article, we will see about finding and acquiring the Malta residence.

If you are not a person from the European nations, Norway or Iceland then you will have to undergo a hefty application process and multiple screening tests to obtain the Malta residence. Also, you need to pay a registration amount of 6000 Euros to obtain the residence to live, work or study in Malta. But if you are from the above-mentioned nations then you by default have the permission to stay in Malta for the purpose of education and employment.

Basic requirements for anyone to find a residence to Malta

  • The person applying for the Malta residence must be above 18 years of age.
  • Should be having an idea to start a company in Malta or looking to study in Malta.
  • Should have deposited a certain amount of money to the Malta bank as a capital reserve.
  • Should have got the registering completed and the number for the tax identification purposes.
  • You should also register to start the company or to buy a property in Malta.
  • You must have spent more than 183 days living in Malta.

The Malta tax is very different from those of others all around the globe. The taxes are collected based on various criteria. If you are not clear of the procedure that is to be followed to obtain the Malta residence it is advised to see an expert to get the work done.


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