How To Segregate Real News From Fake Ones – Is Plastic BagsBetter Than Reusable Tote Bag?

With the break out of the COVID-19 virus worldwide, the global health crisis has become a dire situation. A lot of scientific research is being carried out to determine how we are to prevent the spread of the virus and how to use our daily items so as to limit it from spreading.

Research is being conducted on different materials, but some incomplete scientific research has promoted the use of plastic bags rather than reusable bags. It has been cited that the virus lasts a significant number of days on reusable bags made of cotton and other natural fibers without providing proper data as opposed to the disposable plastic bags on which the virus is said to last for almost a week.

Custom printed bags are made out of textile and recycled materials, which makes them not only eco friendly, but can be properly washed and cleaned at home, unlike disposable plastic bags. Custom Earth Promos is an eco-friendly company that makes its products by recycling plastic waste. They also use vegetable and soy-based ink for printing and dying.

Let us discuss the scientific research done on the resiliency of the COVID-19

  • New England Journal of Medicine – The research was done on the stability of the SARS-CoV-2 when tested on different materials in a controlled environment.

The research discussed that –

  • The virus can remain airborne for almost 3 hours.
  • The virus remains sustainable for up to 3 hours on Aerosols, 4 hours on copper, 24 hours on cardboard, and 72 hours on plastic and stainless steel.

No experiments done on textile materials including garments and tote reusable bags were mentioned.

  • Journal of hospital infection – This research showed that increase in temperature leads to the virus’s life and sustainability being reduced by 50% on stainless steel surfaces. High temperatures cause the lifespan and spread rate to decrease.

Again there was no mention of experiments done on textile fabrics which are much easier to take care of by putting it into the washer and dryer to get rid of the virus.

  • The Lancet Microbe – the research published in this journal includes experiments done on textile fabrics and other materials. Their experimental conditions were a 71-degree Fahrenheit room with 65% relative humidity.

This research provided the results that the virus can last for –

  • Up to 3 hours on printing and tissue paper.
  • Almost 2 days on wood and clothes.
  • Lasts for 4 days on glass and paper money
  • Becomes inactive after 7 days on stainless steel and plastic.

This research proved that reusable tote bags are better used for preventing the spreading of the COVID-19 Virus.

We are still trying to learn and understand how to best defeat Coronavirus. It is always recommended to use a sanitizer on your hands and other items to prevent it from spreading. You can use reusable tote bags for grocery shopping or for other purpose. It is easier to clean and disinfect.

Proper hygiene should always be followed and one should not fall for the traps set out by the fake news and incomplete facts.

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