Which note should you tune your drums to?

After setting up your drum kit, the major question which arises in your mind is on what note you should tune your drums.  Tuning the drum kit to the right note is very important for it to sound in the way you expect. So, following the right tutorial is needed. Here is the answer to your question.

The most essential thing to do is to find out which tom sounds best for you. Then the determination is done with the help of the tuning notes. You need to examine every tom carefully and look into how it sounds at every pitch. Then the Lug to lug is decreased when the same pitch is maintained at both heads. Only a very little amount of force or tension must be added at a time and then should be gradually increased.

Every kind of drum has a range of its own, the way it beats and the way it works, faintest to the loudest. Test all these features with every tom present in the drum to find out the best pitch range for each one of the drums.

Some Suggestions

The option of using a low overall tuning mechanism within the close gaps in the drums can be done. Use and discover by trying the minor and major thirds in the middle of the toms. Do all these if it is miked, but when unmiked it will sound in a very rambling and muddy manner. Use the fourth or fifth overall high turning to find out between the larger interval of the toms. You can also play and do the testing process according to your wish. Sometimes you can go with higher intervals and sometimes lower intervals. Be open to experimenting more because every drum cannot possibly have the right kind of note.

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