Everything you need to know about Stair cleaning service

One of the most forgotten areas in a house must definitely be the stairs. No one literally cleans them. If at all the cleaning is done, it only happens on rare occasions. Just because of the time consumed in cleaning the stairs no one takes the pain of even looking at it. That is why many opt to hire stair cleaning services. All you need to do is to just pay and get the work done. But there are more things involved in stair cleaning. This article briefs you everything that you need to know about the stair cleaning services.

There are more to Stair cleaning that usually we don’t know. The cleaning companies offer various kind of packages and service which one needs to look into before hiring a stair cleaning service.

Customized Stair cleaning service

Many cleaning companies offer you a customized service approach according to your choice and requirements. You can hire them on a weekly or monthly basis. You can add things or neglect a few from the package they provide you. Finally, you will be charged accordingly.

  • There are many options available in the market like,
  • Door plate cleaning, fitting extras and polishing the stairs and surface.
  • Mopping the stair area or flooring
  • Vacuum cleaning the carpet
  • Vacuuming and cleaning the lift and doors
  • Banister cleaning, dusting, polishing the stairs
  • Cleaning the panel doors and glasses

All these services can be customized by you. You can also talk to the cleaning service provider and let them know what kind of service you are looking for and how long. Based on the service you choose the charges will be estimated. Most companies tend to offer comparatively lower charges to the clients who opt to hire them for a long time.


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